Episode #33: Games From Our Childhood

In this episode, Cathy welcomes Kelly North Adams back to the show and they discuss games from their childhood; Frank tells us about his visit to Kubla Con, Roger and Lizzie tell us about the UK Games Expo, and Cathy interviews Sarah and Will Reed about their new game, Oaxaca. Click Play on the arrow belowContinue reading “Episode #33: Games From Our Childhood”

Episode #30: Gaming with Coworkers

In this episode Cathy, and Sarah welcome Mandi Hutchinson, Tracy Thillman, and Stefane Labeau from To Die For Games to the show and they talk about gaming with coworkers and Jesse tells us about 13th Age. Click Play on the arrow below to stream this episode: Download the Episode Here >>> Hosts      CathyContinue reading “Episode #30: Gaming with Coworkers”