Episode #114: Games to Travel With

Download the Episode In this episode, Cathy is joined by Sara Tedrick Parikh and Kathleen Mercury to talk about games to take with you when you travel. Rating Scale 5 = Buy this! Buy this now!4 = A good solid game!3 = Decent with some bugs.2 = Has great potential as kindling!1 = Give meContinue reading “Episode #114: Games to Travel With”

Episode #100: OMG! It’s Episode 100!!!

In this episode, nearly the entire OTP crew and some special guests join me to celebrate the 100th episode. We talk about what brought each of us to the show, What we hope to see in gaming in 2019, and our favorite game mechanics. We also hear some special messages from listeners, contributors, and pastContinue reading “Episode #100: OMG! It’s Episode 100!!!”