Producers, Supporters, & Sponsors

Thank you for your support!Thank you to our Community Supporters, Sponsors, and Producers for their help and support in making Our Turn Podcast possible. Below are a list of people who have given us their support:


  • Andrew Brooks (Patreon Cleric)
  • Doc Cross (Patreon Mage)

Community Supporters

  • Adrienne Dong (Patreon Rogue)
  • Rachel Lee (Patreon Rogue)
  • Jesse Metcalf (Patreon Rogue)
  • Will Reed (Donor)
  • Chris Sasaki (Patreon Rogue)


  • Gabriel Vega (Booth Sponsor at PacifiCon 2016)

As a thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters, we provide extra content just for them. If you’d like to support our show for a cost of $1/episode or more, please visit

For those who make an individual one-time contribution, we are still working on how to grant access to our extra content to you. We appreciate your patience and your support.

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