Episode #107: Feeling Twitchy

In this episode, Cathy welcomes Jordan Marshall to the co-host seat and we talk playing D&D on Twitch and then she interviews Debra Hoenig Parizek about her role-playing game system – Everyverse RPG.

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  • Opening: 1:01
  • The Interview: 25:09
  • Hot Topic: 47:37
  • Closing: 1:07:47
Cathy Ford - Host & Producer

Cathy Ford

Jordan Marshall

Jordan Marshall

Games We’ve Played Recently

Reviewer Game Designer OTP Rating
Jordan Dice Throne Gavin Brown 5
Cathy Ethnos Paolo Mori 4
Jordan New Corp Order Miguel Bruque 3.5
Cathy Qwirkle Susan McKinley Ross 5


Rating scale of 1-5We have started referring to and rating games by a rating scale. Here is how we are using this scale:

5 = Buy this! Buy this now!
4 = A good solid game!
3 = Decent with some bugs.
2 = Has great potential as kindling!
1 = Give me back the time I spent playing it!

The Interview with Debra Hoenig Parizek – Everyverse RPG

Cathy interviews Debra Hoenig Parizek founder of ParDen Us Gaming who is publishing her husband’s RPG System, Everyverse RPG. 

Connect with Debra online:

The Hot Topic: Gaming on Twitch

Twitch Logo

Jorden teaches Cathy about Twitch and why it makes a good platform for playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Become a Contributor on the Show

If you would like to be a guest or contributor on the show, simply send an email to Feedback@OurTurnPodcast.com. Tell us about your idea or what you would like to talk about and we’ll get back to you. We are open to all ideas that help in promoting inclusivity, equality, and diversity in the board and card game, video game, and RPG/LARP hobbies.

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Music Used in This Episode
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