Episode #49: Amazing Art in Games

Episode #49: Amazing Art in Games

Episode #49: Amazing Art in Games

In this episode, Cathy & Sarah talk about Amazing Art in Games and Cathy talks with Tara Clapper from The Geek Initiative about her online Live Action Role Playing Game called Chariot LARP.

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Cathy Ford - Host & Producer



Cathy Ford Sarah Reed
Game Reviews: 

Cathy and Sarah share what they have been playing lately. The links in the game names go to that game’s listing on BoardGame Geek.com, RPGGeek.com, or VideoGameGeek.com. If the item listed below is not on one of these three sites, it goes to a different site where you can find out more.

Reviewer  Game  Designer  OTP Rating
Sarah Vast: The Crystal Caverns David Somerville &
Patrick Leder
Cathy Tzolk’in:
The Mayan Calendar
Simone Luciani &
Daniele Tascini
Sarah The 7th Continent Ludovic Roudy &
Bruno Sautter
Cathy Red November Bruno Faidutti &
Jef Gontier
Sarah Legendary Marvel: Deadpool and
Guardians of the Galaxy Expansions
Devin Low Deadpool – 3.5.
Guardians of the Galaxy – 4
Cathy Mega Civilization Franz Vohwinkel 4.5
Tzolkin Painted Gears


Rating scale of 1-5We have started referring to and rating games by a rating scale. Here is how we are using this scale:

5 = Buy this! Buy this now!
4 = A good solid game!
3 = Decent with some bugs.
2 = Has great potential as kindling!
1 = Give me back the time I spent playing it!

Hot Topic: Amazing Art in Games

Cathy Ford - Host & Producer



Cathy Ford Sarah Reed

Cathy and Sarah discuss the beautiful art we see in modern boardgames. Games discussed include:

Honorable Mentions

What are your favorite Old West-themed games? Share them over in our Guild #2600.

The Interview: Tara Clapper from The Geek Initiative

Cathy Ford - Host & Producer


Tara Clapper

Cathy Ford Tara Clapper

Chariot LARPCathy welcomes Tara Clapper from The Geek Initiative to discuss her new project, Chariot LARP, which is currently open for registration.


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