Episode 27: Accessibility in Games

Episode 27: Accessibility in Games

In this episode Cathy & Sarah talk with Dr. Michael Heron of Meeple Like Us and we welcome two new contributors to the show.

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The Crafting Rogue
The Crafting Rogue
The Crafting Rogue Review of the Video Game: Stardew Valley

Carrie Lambertson gives us a review of the video game, Stardew Valley. Carrie is a World of Warcraft playing, crocheting, sewing, depressed girl who is trying to improve her life. In the past few months she has been focusing her efforts on improving herself. She is allowing herself to do the things she enjoys. She crafts, she crochets, she sews, and she LOVES video games! Check out the Crafting Rogue Podcast and Blog.You can also find Carrie on Twitter and she sells her crafts on Etsy.

Meeple Like Us
Meeple Like Us
Accessibility in Games

Sarah and Cathy welcome Dr. Michael Heron of Meeple Like Us and have an in-depth discussion about what does and does not make games accessible to different types of players. We cover:

  • Colour Blindness
  • Communication
  • Emotiveness
  • Fluid Intelligence
  • Memory Impairments
  • Physical Impairments
  • Socioeconomic
  • Visual Impairment

You can read Michael’s reviews of games and accessibility tear-downs on his blog and follow him on Twitter. Meeple Like Us Accessibility Master List

Jesse Metcalf
Jesse Metcalf
Legend of the Five Rings
Review by Jesse Metcalf

Fan of the show, Jesse Metcalf, joins our team as a role-playing game reviewer and starts off with Legend of the Five Rings. Jesse is a long time RPG, video, and board gamer and the father of two daughters who lives in the mid-western United States. Follow him on Twitter.


Tribute to Danica Enyart

I just wanted to take a moment to note the passing of a fan and friend of the show. You may remember that back in Episode 11 I played a clip of a recording that Danica Enyart sent into us encouraging us to interview Kelly North Adams. Kelly was the first game designer outside my or Sarah’s circle of friends that I interviewed. At the end of the interview I mentioned that Danica had become quite ill. According to her family she suffered a stroke and, on April 12th, 2017 she passed away quietly.

The gaming hobby has lost a wonderful person. I never got to meet Danica in person, but we corresponded via Facebook until her stroke happened and she encouraged me to stretch outside my comfort zone and interview Kelly. Her encouragement led not only to two interviews with Kelly, but also gave me the impetus to reach out to others to interview as well. I just want to express the condolences of the entire Our Turn Crew to her family. Our hearts are with you in your time of grief. Danica is missed even by those who never met her and she will always remain an important influence on this show.

Become a Contributor on the Show

If you would like to be a guest or contributor on the show, simply send an email to Feedback@OurTurnPodcast.com. Tell us about your idea or what you would like to talk about and we’ll get back to you. We are open to all ideas that help in promoting inclusivity, equality, and diversity in the board and card game, video game, and RPG/LARP hobbies.

Games Mentioned in This Episode

We have started referring to and rating games by a rating scale. Here is how we are using this scale:
5 = Buy this! Buy this now!
4 = A good solid game!
3 = Decent with some bugs.
2 = Has great potential as kindling!
1 = Give me back the time I spent playing it!

The links below will take you to BoardGameGeek.com, RPGGeek.com, or VideoGameGeek.com where you can learn more about the individual games. The Buy It!links will take you to DriveThruRPG.com OR Amazon.com where you can purchase the game. These are affiliate links and using them will help us pay for show expenses like hosting, buying games, and traveling to conventions and events.

Agricola Buy It!
Cards Against Humanity Buy It!
Carson City Buy It!
Chess Buy It!
Dobble Buy It!
Five Tribes Buy It!
Flash Point Fire Rescue Buy It!
Flick ‘Em Up Buy It!
Harvest Moon Buy It!
Ladder 29 Funded on Kickstarter*
Legend of the Five Rings Buy It!
Merchants and Marauders Buy It!
Monarch Buy It!
Once Upon a Time Buy It!
One Deck Dungeon Buy It!
Qwixx Buy It!
Skyrim Buy It!
Stardew Valley Buy It!
Terror in Meeple City Buy It!
World of Warcraft Buy It!

*Not an Affiliate Link

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2 thoughts on “Episode 27: Accessibility in Games

  1. I have just listened to your accessibility pod-cast with Dr. Michael Heron and I want to say it is, it is the single best thing I have heard about gaming EVER. Thank you, well done. Interesting, informative and thoughtful. I am going to share this…Oh and this is the first time I have listened to you. Again Thank you.


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