Episode #17.5: Rallying the Troops #1

Episode #17.5: Rallying the Troops!

Episode #17.5: Rallying the Troops!

In this special mini-episode Cathy interviews Kelly North Adams about her effort to compete and win the Hasbro Next Great Family Game Contest. Find out what you can do to help this talented female designer WIN.

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About this Episode:

Kelly North AdamsHasbro has picked five great games to round up their “Next Great Family Game!” challenge! Chibi Quest!, designed by Kelly North Adams, is one of those five finalists! The winner will have an amazing opportunity to work with Hasbro and make his or her game a reality! Chibi Quest! is truly a great family game! Show your support for it today by backing a perk!

So what can you do to help?
  • Support Chibi Quest! Choose a perk that is right for you! Many of which have bonus material that can only be acquired here on this campaign! 
  • Follow Kelly on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for updates to stay in the loop!
  • Tell your friends and family about Chibi Quest! and how to back it!
  • Get in touch with Kelly via social media, email, or by commenting. She’s happy to reply to your questions or concerns – or simply chat about the game and process.
Call to Action

Let’s show Hasbro that we care about female designers getting published. Support Kelly in her effort to win this contest and blow the other contestants away!

Games Mentioned in this Episode
The links below will take you to BoardGameGeek.com, RPGGeek.com, or VideoGameGeek.com where you can learn more about the individual games. The Buy It!links will take you to FunAgainGames.com OR DriveThruRPG.com where you can purchase the game. These are affiliate links and using them will help us pay for show expenses like hosting, buying games, and traveling to conventions and events. Thanks for your support!
Chibi Quest* Support It!**

*This is not a BoardGameGeek.com link.
**This is not an affiliate link.

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