2017 OTP Game Wish List

On this page are a list of games that we want to play in 2017. During the year we will replace the “X” with the date that each game got played. The links under the game name go to the BoardGameGeek.com, RPGGeek.com, or VideoGameGeek.com entry about the game.

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Game Cathy Nicole Sarah
7 Wonders Duel  X
A Feast for Odin  X
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate  X
Assassin’s Creed Unity  X
Above and Below X
Abyss  X
Adrenaline  X
Argent X
Artifacts, Inc  X  X
Axis and Allies  X
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle  X
 Battlelore 2nd Ed.  X
Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game  X
 Broom Service  X
 Captain Sonar  X
Cardline Globetrotter  X
Carson City X  X
Cheesonomics  X
City of Iron  X
Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI  X X
Clank X
 Concordia  X
 Conquest of Paradise, 2nd Ed.  X
 Cry Havoc  X
 Deep Sea Adventure  X
 Delphi  X
 Discoveries  X
 Dragon Age Inquisition  X
 Dragonology  X
 Dread Curse  X
 Easy Breezy  X
 Epic Resort  X
 Exposed X
 Fabled Fruit X
Pandemic Legacy  X
 Fittest  X
 Florenza X
Food Chain Magnate  X  X
Forged in Steel X
 Fuji Flush X
 Got It  X
Got+- It!  X
 Great Western Trail  X
 Hands in the Sea  X
Identik  X
 Infernal Contraptions  X
 Islebound  X
 Istanbul X
 Jupiter Rescue X
 Kanagawa X
 Kemble’s Cascade  X
 King of New York  X
 Klask X
Kune v Lakia X
 La Granja X
Legendary Villains  X
Legitimacy  X
 Letters from White Chapel X
 Life is Strange Season 2  X
 Lift Off  X
Mechs vs. Minions X X
 Munchkin Fu X
 Munchkin Legends  X
 My Village X
 Nations X  X
 Near and Far  X
 Networks X X
New Angeles  X
 Noblemen  X
 Of Dungeons Deep  X
 Ogre X
 Order of the Gilded Compass X
 Pathfinder Skull & Shackles  X
Pay Dirt  X
Pie Factory  X
 Pixel Tactics 2  X
 Pixel Tactics 3 X
Pixel Tactics 4 X
 Pixel Tactics 5  X
Pixel Tactics Deluxe  X
 Potion Explosion X
Power Grid: Factory Manager  X
Pursuit of Happiness  X
 Quadropolis X
 Roll Player X X
Ryse, Son of Rome  X
Santorini X X
Scoville  X
 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective  X
 Star Trek Ascendency  X
 Steam Works  X
Storm the Castle  X
Super Fantasy Night of the Badly Dead  X
Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault X
Tales of the Arabian Nights  X
 The Gallerist  X
The Others  X
 The Starfarers of Catan  X
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization  X
 Tragedy Looper  X
 Trains Rising Sun X
Trickerion X X
 Tsuro X
 Twilight Struggle  X
 Vast: The Crystal Cavern  X
 Village Crow  X
Villages of Valeria  X
 Villians of the Multiverse  X
 Xanadu  X
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