Game Accessories – Episode #6

Episode #6: Game Accessories

In this episode Cathy, Sarah, and Nicole talk about game accessories; Nicole tells us about Pokemon Go; and we express some gratitude.

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PacifiCon Gaming Expo – Do you have your plans made for Labor Day Weekend yet? I do! What could be better than an end-of-summer gaming blow-out? I have just the thing for you! PacifiCon Game Expo in Santa Clara, CA. September 2nd – 5th. Held at the Santa Clara Marriott, this year PacifiCon will have special guests Forrest Harris of Knuckleduster Miniatures, Luke Gygax from GaryCon, Karl Kreder and Tim Porter from War Game Boot Camp, Luke Laurie from the PacifiCon Protospiel, and game designers Darin Levilof and John Welch. Activities include:

  • Historical Miniatures and Wargames
  • A War Game Bootcamp,
  • Lots of role-playing and board games,
  • Three Flea Markets,
  • Seminars, and
  • Camp ConQuest for your young gamers.

You can get all the details at Don’t miss out! When you buy your tickets, let them know you heard about it from Our Turn Podcast and please come by our table at the con and say HI! We’d love to meet you!

Game Accessories

Listed below are the vendors mentioned in the Game Accessories segment of this episode. Daedalus Productions, Inc. Gameland Games
GeekNSon Geek Chic Insert Here
Meeple Realty Meeple Source Quiver Time
The Broken Token The Container Store
Games Mentioned in this Episode

The links below will take you to,, and where you can learn more about the individual games. The Buy It! links will take you to OR where you can purchase the game. These are affiliate links and using them will help us pay for show expenses like hosting, buying games, and traveling to conventions and events. Thanks for your support!

7 Wonders
Buy It!

 Arcadia Quest
Buy It!
Buy It!
 Ascension: Dreamscape
Buy It!
 Bang: The Dice Game
Buy It!
Buy It!
 Dominion: Empires
Buy It!
 Dungeons & Dragons
Buy It!
Elder Sign
Buy It!
Build a Better Dystopia

Buy It!
Firefly RPG
Buy It!
Firefly: The Game
Buy It!
Fleet Wharfside
Buy It!
Galaxy Defenders
Buy It!
Download Now!*
 King Maker
Buy It!**
Magic: The Gathering
Buy It!
 Marvel Legendary
Buy It!
 Pokémon Go!
Download Now!*
 Power Grid
Buy It!
Power Grid:
Energy Crisis Variant
Check It Out!
Buy It!
Star Realms
Buy It!
Buy It!
 T.I.M.E. Stories
Buy It!

*This game is only available through the Google Play Store. This is not an affiliate link.

**This game is out of print. Used copies are available via the BGG Geek Market. This is not an affiliate link.

Other Resources Mentioned:

All of the links below go to the sites where you can find out about each item or resource. None of these links are affiliate links. Enjoy!

Big Damn Crate Board Game Blitz Dice Tower Front Street
Animal Shelter
Gamers Grind
Play Test Group
NPC Cast
Board Games
Shut Up and
Sit Down
Treasure Chests
The Cousins War:The
Lady of the Rivers
The Cousins War: The White Queen  The Cousins War: The Red Queen  The Cousins War: The Kingmaker’s Daughter The Cousins War: The White Princess
What Did You Play This Week? Podcast Women of
the Cousins War

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