Game Style Discussion – Episode #4

Episode #4: Euro Games vs. AmeriTrash Games: Game Style Discussion

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In this episode Cathy, Melissa, and Sarah share what they have been playing and talk about some of the most common styles of board games; Nicole tells us about Girls Make Games; and we share some podcast news.

Game Style Definitions:
Girls Make Games Info:
OTP News:

You may have noticed that Maida has not been on the last couple of episodes. And this episode is going to be Melissa’s last episode as a regular host as well. They have both had some incredible and wonderful things happen in their lives since we started this podcast and, unfortunately for us, they have had to re-prioritize things and step away from the show. We hope they will come back as occasional contributors and I’m sure you will see Maida in the Guild from time-to-time. We want to thank them for their help in getting Our Turn Podcast off the ground and we wish them nothing but happiness and excellent game play going forward.

Games Mentioned in this Show
(there were a LOT of them!):


 Ascension  Battle Merchants Battlestar Galactica  Carcassonne
 Dead Man’s Draw:
Captain Carcass
Descent: Journeys
in the Dark
 Diplomacy  Dominion
Dread  Eldritch Horror Eminent Domain Firefly: The Game
 Firefly: Role Playing Game  Food Chain Magnate  Galaxy Defenders  Gulo Gulo
 Le Havre Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy  Lost Cities  Manhattan Project
 Mega Civilization  Monopoly  Navegador  Ora et Labora
 Parcheesi  Port Royal  Power Grid  Project Dreamscape
 Puerto Rico  Qwirkle  Race for the Galaxy  Roll for the Galaxy
 San Juan  Scrabble  Sentinels of the Multiverse  Star Wars:
Imperial Assault
 Suburbia  The Gallerist  Thunder and Lightning  Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
 Yedo  Hera & Zeus  Zombicide
Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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