Board Game Apps – Episode #14

Episode #14: Boardgame Apps

In this episode Cathy and Sarah talk about boardgame apps and friend of the show, Patrick Hillier, tells us about his experience at BGG Con 2016.

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Project Dreamscape published by Undine Studios and designed by our very own co-host, Sarah Reed and her husband, Will Reed with artwork by Julie Okahara.Project Dreamscape: This episode is brought to you by Project Dreamscape published by Undine Studios and designed by our very own co-host, Sarah Reed and her husband, Will Reed with artwork by Julie Okahara.

In this game, scientists have invented a machine that can tap into a person’s dreams and make them real! In this unique set-collection card game, enter a shared dreamscape and utilize powerful dream abilities to chain together matching cards and score big! But keep an eye on your opponents, who all share the same goal…

This fun family game is great for 1-4 players ages 10 and up and plays in about 30 minutes. If you would like to get your own copy of this immersive filler game, visit for details. Sweet dreams!

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Special Guests: 

Patrick Hillier of The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing tells us about his experience at Board Game Geek Con 2016. Patrick mentioned the video below in his segment. I highly recommend watching this great message from these fantastic ladies!

Patrick also mentioned Inclusive Gamer ribbons that were handed out at BGG Con 2016. Here is a photo of Martin Weaver and the ribbons Patrick mentioned.

Mason Weaver and Inclusive Gamer Ribbons

Mason Weaver and Inclusive Gamer Ribbons

Games Mentioned in this Episode
The links below will take you to,, or where you can learn more about the individual games. The Buy It!links will take you to OR where you can purchase the game. These are affiliate links and using them will help us pay for show expenses like hosting, buying games, and traveling to conventions and events. Thanks for your support!
7 Wonders Buy It!
 7 Wonders Score Sheet (App) Android Only*
Adrenaline Buy It!
 Ascension (App) Android* | iOS*
Castles of Mad King Ludwig Buy It!
Colony Buy It!
Blood of an Englishman Buy It!
Board Game Geek (App) Android Only*
Board Game Stats (App) iOS Only*
Cribbage Buy It!
Dead of Winter Buy It!
Dead of Winter: Crossroads (App) Android Only*
Elder Sign: Omens (App) Android* | iOS*
Fabled Fruit Buy It!
Ghosts Love Candy Buy It!*
Glory to Rome Buy It!
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival (App) Android* | iOS*
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Buy It!
Level Counter for Munchkin (App) Android* | iOS*
 Keep Score (App) Android Only
Lords of Waterdeep Buy It!
Lords of Waterdeep (App) iOS Only*
Lunch Money Buy It!*
Munchkin Buy It!
One Night Ultimate Warewolf (App) Android* | iOS*
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Buy It!
Power Grid Buy It!
Reaching Angles Nest Unpublished
Roads & Boats Buy It!
Roll For It! Deluxe Edition Buy It!
Roll For It! (App)  Android Only*
Roll Player Buy It!
Small World 2 (App) Android* | iOS*
Suburbia Buy It!
Terraforming Mars  Buy It!
Time’s Up! Buy It!
Village! Attack! Unpublished
Villagers & Villains Buy It!
Who Starts Playing Android Only*

*This is not an affiliate link.

Other Resources Mentioned:

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